Why do we need job descriptions?


Any HR group must have some basic documents to work properly. These documents could include the strategy, policies & procedures, performance system framework, and job descriptions. While these are the most important documents to have, it is not necessarily always. It may differ from one organization to another depending on many factors. Here I am going to talk about the job descriptions (JDs) and its importance to the organization. There are many benefits of having JDs in place. These benefits could yield on the employers and the employee at the same time.

On the employee level, a JD is considered as a good way to converge expectations. It is important to baseline a mutual understanding of the job between the employee and his/her supervisor. Without such road map, it could be difficult to join point of views on how the deliverables would look like. Yet, a JD should not be too descriptive in a way that limits the imagination of the employee nor condensed in a way that makes it vague.

On the other hand, a JD is very important for the employers for many reasons. Out of these reasons are finding the right candidates, minimizing overlaps between different jobs, and weighing each job. Once an employer efficiently weigh the job this yields to cutting pay inflation, help keep employees, and draw an effective organization structure.

Finally, many may ask what is the different between the formats that are scattered on the web. Which one my organization should use? If your organization is not looking beyond the JD itself, then it would not really matter. However, if your organization is looking after the JD which is the most cases. The document used must reflect the evaluation method that they are intending to apply. It could be clear enough for any HR practitioner that the JDs are the foundation of any HR framework. The foundation have to come first and then the rest although, it is not always the cases. I have seen it comes later on, but always remember that late arrival better than no-show.

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